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Наши «Новости».
Новинки и проекты.

Обзор проектов со всего мира, от заводов «под ключ» и технологических линий до установок для сушки и хранения, а также оборудования, обеспечивающего очистку и транспортировку самых разных культур и продуктов.

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Мировая  перспектива.
Нацеленность на местный рынок

Большое число представительств компании и ее дилеры раскинуты по всему миру. Они всегда рядом с нашими заказчиками и готовы помочь им в любое время. Самоотдача, верность любимому делу и высокая профессиональная квалификация персонала являются залогом успеха нашей компании.

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Знакомство с Cimbria.
Обзор выставок.

Каждый год компания Кимбрия принимает участие в выставках по всему миру. На них вы всегда можете пообщаться с опытными местными представителями компании, которые познакомят вас с нашим оборудованием.

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Cimbria installed a new seed processing plant for cereals in Croatia

Processing different cultures: wheat, soybeans, barley, corn and sunflower

Right in the heart of Croatia, Cimbria installed a brand new seed processing plant for cereals

Agromais is a well-known company in Croatia and south-eastern Europe. It is an extremely reliable partner, with almost 25 years of seed production experience. 

Agromais’ main activity is trade, warehousing, production and representation of foreign companies, both on the Croatian market and abroad. Agromais also specializes in the creation and introduction of new seed sorts and hybrids, making it one of the leading agricultural companies in the region. 

Agromais cultivates over 200 hectares of its own land, which is mainly represented by seed production. The company primarily produces cereals and soybeans, but also processes corn and rapeseed.

It has had fewer dealings with seed processing to date, but due to market conditions, personal needs and business expansion, Agromais recognized that investing in a new seed processing line would be a great business move that would contribute to the company's growth and better positioning in the market.

Cimbria was honoured to be entrusted by the owner of Agromais, Mr Ilija Ivančić, with the design and realization of the investment of a complete multifunctional line primarily for the processing of wheat seeds.

Completion of the complete plant and commissioning is scheduled for March 2020.

This new plant with a planned intake capacity of 10 TPH will also be the largest privately-owned seed facility in Croatia.

The possibility of processing different cultures (wheat, soybeans, barley, corn and sunflower) will make this plant very flexible and able to meet different market demands.

The material will be delivered for processing in two ways: either by delivering materials directly from existing seed storage silos, or from a separate Cimbria receiving pit with a length of 10m, which allows seed material to be received directly from trucks or big bags. Cleaning, separation and sorting will be done with the help of a Cimbria Delta 142 pre-cleaner, Cimbria Delta 116 fine cleaner, Cimbria HSR 10020 R-L indented cylinders, Cimbria GA 210 gravity separator, Cimbria TS 180 de-stoner and the latest highly sophisticated machine in the Cimbria series, a SEA Chromex 4T+TN optical sorter.

Coating will be carried out with the help of a Cimbria CC 50 Centricoater with one direct dosing line.

To complete the finishing process, the coated material will be stored in two square modular silos of an individual volume of approx. 7m³, from which the final product will be delivered directly to the filling and weighing line for big bags and the semiautomatic line for bagging the seed material into paper or plastic bags ranging from 5 to 50 kg.

As a next step, Agromais intends to upgrade the plant with a fully automated bagging line with palletization. Cimbria will be more than happy to support and guide Agromais in its growing and expanding seed business.


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