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Мобильный семенной  завод

Cimbria предлагает для отправки клиентам по всему миру самый первый в мире завод по переработке семян, который полностью собран и  прошел заводские испытания.

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Мнение тех, кто думает о будущем

Компания Cimbria и наши клиенты делятся красивыми историями; необыкновенные и захватывающие рассказы о человеческом взаимодействии и уважении к природе, об их видении для промышленности в целом.

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Компания Кимбрия - кто она?

Кимбрия является одной из ведущих компаний на мировом рынке в области промышленной переработки, обработки и хранения зерна и семян, а также кормов и продуктов питания и других сыпучих продуктов.

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Наши «Новости».

Обзор проектов со всего мира, от заводов «под ключ» и технологических линий до установок для сушки и хранения, а также оборудования, обеспечивающего очистку и транспортировку самых разных культур и продуктов.

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30 years of success with the Moduflex range

A long-standing commercial partnership, started in 1989 with the distribution of the Moduflex range of loading chutes on the German market

Cimbria and Agrichema: 30 years of success with the Moduflex range

Cimbria and the dealer Agrichema Gmbh have a long-standing commercial partnership, started in 1989 with the distribution of the Moduflex range of loading chutes on the German market. 

Today’s numbers tell us about this long story that we want to highlight in detail: there are over 2.500 chutes sold by Agrichema in the German market, an important part of the 16.500 pieces that Cimbria has distributed or supplied around the world. 

It all began between in 1987 and 1988, when Agrichema developed the TELESCOPER®, a special chute for powder-free grain loading, a sophisticated equipment with external wires, overlapping internal guide cones and other construction features marked by a strong innovation. However, Agrichema’s board of directors considered that the inclusion of a product with such characteristics in the company’s production was not in line with the industrial plans at that time. This evaluation was followed by the search for an able partner, not only to produce this type of equipment, but to support the project with specific skills, an appropriate industrial dimension and the same commercial vision.

Cimbria's offices in Herning Denmark, at that time called TH Rasmussen A/S - which had developed, produced and sold the first chute for loading grain in the recent past, entered the field, with the purpose of developing the great potential of this product, by investing in its industrial and commercial development. 

For sure, this was the dawn of the success of this rich and important market: in 1988 Cimbria acquired the T. H. Rasmussen A/S, putting in place a strategic plan to increase the branch of loading chutes with the Moduflex brand. The official signature of the partnership between the two companies arrives on October 30th, 1989 sealing the exclusive distribution agreement by Cimbria for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since that day many years have passed with a continuous exchange of information, periodic meetings, support and daily contact. A constant commitment and a strongly shared goal: to become the market leader in the three geographical areas of reference.



In 2005, a further step where taken towards consolidating and development this partnership. Thanks to a specific agreement signed with Cimbria, Agrichema decided to focus all commercial efforts only on the "Moduflex" brand, making it synonymous of "loading chute" inside and outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The success of the partnership, due to synergical activities and a common goal, has strengthened the Moduflex reputation over the years, being also a structural leverage for the development of the range of chutes with filter. 



Agrichema is today the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of filters integrated into Cimbria Moduflex K and N series, that are fitted with side filters. These models are considered high-end products and sold by many other partners of Cimbria, further confirmation of the Cimbria’s vision into a future, that is based on a past full of passion and commitment.



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